Natya Praana

Natya Praana

“Dance is our Life Force"

Education without Fear, Art without Vulgarity, Beauty without Cruelty was the motto Rukmini Devi set for herself and her lighthouse beckoning dance aspirants, “Kalakshetra”.

 “ART BRINGS HEARTS TOGETHER: The Tamizh proverb “Kolai tavirkka kalai valarkka”: encourage the growth of art to dispel atrocities.” V.P. Dhananjayan 

The Natya Praana School of Indian Classical Dance offers education in Bharatha Natyam, the classical South Indian dance style. This ancient art form is traced back to Sage Bharatha himself. It was revived and brought to the forefront by the illustrious Rukmini Devi. Out of the dance jewels she created the dancing duo Dhananjayans are carrying the torch forward.  

“Dance or Nritya is the one in which all these aspects of creation are unified, that is Geetam – the sound, Vadyam – the rhythm or time and Nrittam the movement.” V.P. Dhananjayan 

Lakshanya Vasan’s vision for Natya Praana is to teach a classical dance form to her students to indulge in an art form, drawing beauty and peace from it and conveying it to the audience. One can learn so much about oneself, not just as a dancer, but as a person through Bharatanatyam, and she aims to guide many through this wonderful journey.

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